Serving the L.A. Pagan community since 1999!

Raven's Cry Grove is an inclusive, anti-racist community, welcoming and respecting all ethnicities, national origins, sexual orientations & gender identities.

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  • Commitment to Excellence: in Scholarship, Ritual, and Collective/Personal Development within the context of the Druidic path.
  • Commitment to Voice: in a democratic environment of equal exchange and valued input.
  • Commitment to Integrity: Providing a balanced structure of support from which to honor the gods and one's spiritual callings in a creative, responsible, and sound way.

  • Opportunity to develop one's spiritual path in a small supportive environment.
  • Opportunity to learn, share, and discuss the scope of the Druid's path (i.e. Dedicant's Program, Bardic Group etc., and public and private collective work).
  • Opportunity to form lifetime bonds of friendship and support within the context of the grove's spiritual community.

  • Taking Action to serve the Pagan Community of Southern California.
  • Taking Action to serve the environment and others through active community outreach (i.e. clean-ups, drives, donations, events).
  • Taking Action to model a positive presence as pagan-folk to the entire community.


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